Weather Station Access

Please update your favourites and shortcuts to one or all of the below pages as best suits your requirements.

We have recently updated our Weather Station system, the weather website that was at this web address has been updated and can now be found at:

This site updates automatically every 10 minutes and provides access to our full three-year history of Hengistbury Head weather.

Also available is our page that updates every minute with current conditions, the day’s highs and lows, the barometric pressure trend and two and ten-minute wind averages at:

A brief summary page suited to mobile devices, with current conditions only, updating every minute can be accessed via the  ‘Weather’ tab on this page. It links to:

From the menu on this site you can discover more about Hengistbury Head NCI, learn how to support us via our Support page and also how to become a Friend of HHNCI via our Friends page.

Thank you for your interest and ongoing support of NCI Hengistbury Head