Issue 73 – 8th August 2019

Diary Dates
17th August – VHF SRC Radio course
2nd September – HH NCI AGM
9th October – Visit to NMOC

Welcome to The Lookout, Issue 73. This week we have an update on the recent fundraising
activities at Tesco and Waitrose, two newly qualified Watchkeepers and release of the latest
Training Exercise. Also, a report on an incident last Sunday from Peter Ellis

Operations Updates

HH NCI AGM – Formal Notice

Don’t forget, Hengistbury Head Annual General Meeting will be held on the 2nd September 2019 at
St Nicholas Church, 137 Broadway, Bournemouth BH6 4EP at 19:30. Nominations for the various
electable roles have now closed and the position will be updated to Watchkeepers as soon as

Sue Rudge

When Hengistbury Head NCI opened in the spring of last year we had very few qualified
Watchkeepers available to cover the few Watches we were doing. We were greatly helped by
Calshot NCI at the time. By agreement with the Calshot Committee, a number of Calshot
Watchkeepers did Watches with us that counted as part of their commitment to Calshot. As we
became established some of these Watchkeepers returned to solely Watchkeeping at Calshot and
others (Peter Ellis and Vicki Jago) chose to transfer to us. Sue Rudge is the last Calshot Watchkeeper
working with us under the loan agreement. She has recently been appointed as Station Secretary at
Calshot NCI and has told us that she will no longer have time to do Watches with us. We
congratulate Sue on her appointment and thank her, all the “loan” Watchkeepers and the Calshot
Committee for the support they have given us as we have grown and become selfsufficient.
Without your help it is doubtful we could have made it through those early days.

Watchkeeper Exercise 4-19 – Frank Willis

The latest Watchkeeper Exercise has been issued and, for Watchkeepers only, a copy is attached in
the Bulletin e-mail and has been filed in the folder in the Lookout ready for Watchkeepers to
complete. (I prepared this set of questions so you can blame me,… and let me have any comments of course!). Please remember to sign off on the index sheet in the folder when you have completed the exercise. Also, if there are any previous exercises you have not completed, please take the opportunity to make sure you complete those too, as they are not optional! Thank you.

Watchkeeper Updates

Congratulations to Adele Orr and John Duffell who both passed their Final Assessments on Thursday and Saturday respectively, bringing us up to 74 qualified Watchkeepers. Well done to both of you and Welcome to the ranks of HH NCI Watchkeepers!

Information Updates

Supermarket Collection results (and a donation) – SM and PR Officer, Caroline Walker

We are delighted, and very grateful, to have now received donations from both Tesco and Waitrose following our inclusion in their Bags of Help and Community Matters schemes as well as a donation form the Winton Christadelphian Church.
The donation amounts are as follows:
 Tesco £1000.00
 Waitrose (Christchurch) £573.00
 Winton Christadelphians £310.00

The photo shows Station manager Brian Roberts being presented with a cheque from Waitrose Christchurch.


You may remember we advised that Meridian TV had been to the Lookout to film an article for Meridian News on ITV. The item on us and Hengistbury Head is scheduled to be broadcast on Tuesday 13th August. ITV Meridian News broadcasts from 6:00 p.m.

VHF SRC Course – 17th August – Peter Ellis

There are still two places available on the course for Watchkeepers and Trainees who don’t yet have their radio license. Can anyone yet to get their license review their availability and if they can, please book in via FMS as usual. It would be great to completely fill the course. Thank You.

Visit to HMCG NMOC at Fareham, 9th October

This visit is now fully subscribed. However, if you wanted to go and haven’t got a place, please keep an eye on FMS in case anyone drops out.

Lookout Water Supply and Water Heater – Ed Essery

The cold water feed to the Lookout has now been completed and a drinking water tap fitted adjacent to the kitchen sink. (There are a few bottles of drinking water in the cupboard in the Lookout, so please use these up if you want some water on a hot day!) However, one of the parts for the water heater was incorrect, an order for the correct part has been placed and work is expected to happen on Monday, 12th August.

A Recent Incident

Sunday’s early Watch turned into an interesting one. Here‘s what Watch Leader Peter Ellis says about it:

Turner (the rest of the Watch)”. Late yesterday evening, we received this message from the Helm of the Lifeboat involved: “Ladies & Gents, just a quick message to say a very well done spotting the debris in Christchurch Bay this morning. Due to its size and being low in the water it was definitely a danger to any high speed vessel transiting Christchurch Bay. The comms from volunteers on watch were very clear and a credit to the station. Look forward to working with you again soon. Simon Barnett (Helm Mudeford Lifeboat).” To have the support and respect of Mudeford RNLI and the local fishermen is hugely appreciated and we are only too happy to be able to assist when we can. Well done the Sunday Morning Team! (photos courtesy of Mudeford RNLI)”We viewed what looked like part of a tree about ½ mile south of the Lookout moving fairly swiftly in an easterly direction. It was difficult to gauge its size but it looked big enough to cause damage to any vessel which might hit it so it was reported to HMCG. The Mudeford ILB was already out on exercise in the bay. We duly conned the lifeboat to the tree which turned out to be 22 feet (7m) long! The lifeboat, along with Pete Dadds and his fishing boat, managed to tow the tree ashore at Hengistbury Head. Mudeford informed the Coastguard of their actions and were full of praise for us in having picked it up in the first place as in their opinion it could have been a serious hazard to any craft coming into or out of Christchurch Harbour. Well done Bryan Scarfe, Dave Parker and Mary

Standard Messages

BH Coastal Lottery.

The BH Coastal Lottery is now open for ticket sales with HH NCI as one of the launch Good Causes. 50% of the price of tickets purchased through our page comes directly to us. Ticket Holders can win up to £25,000 per draw! Each draw is made on a weekly basis. Our page on the BH Coastal Lottery is at:
Please encourage your friends and family to buy their tickets through our page and please feel free to spread the above url far and wide! Each ticket stands the chance to win £25,000 each week.

Articles for the Bulletin

Just a quick reminder that if anyone has anything related to Station Operations or our local environment that they wish to publish in the Station Bulletin, please provide your input to Frank Willis by midday on Tuesdays to Thanks.

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